Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pretty & Polished - Tart

     Happy Vernal Equinox, lovies! In celebration of the first day of Spring, I have a beautiful polish to show you that I think is perfect for the season: Pretty & Polished Tart. I'm warning you now, I adore this one! Commence gushing...

     Tart is my favourite shade of light purple. It looks slightly more pink or blue tinged depending on the lighting and angle. It also has an amazing blue to purple shimmer that gives it an iridescent glow, which I absolutely love. (It makes me all nostalgic for high school in the 90's, when anything iridescent was sooo cool. Lol.) My bottle was packed with glitter. Packed. Yellow, blue, purple, red, white, and pink glitter of all different sizes. Fishing was unnecessary, even for the large white hexes. There are also larger pink hexes in this, but I didn't get any on this hand. Surprisingly, all that glitter spread out nicely and didn't affect application! A coat each of Gelous and Seche Vite and this was perfectly smooth and shiny.

     Tart was love at first brush stroke. A lot of polishes look lovely in the bottle, but this one was actually a joy to apply. It was a little bit sheer but went on so perfectly. It went exactly where I wanted it to and pretty much applied itself. Not thick at all, but not runny, and no glitter struggles. (I did have a teeny bit of clean up, but I apparently missed a little shimmer smudge which I didn't see until after I took pics. Je suis désolé.) I left this at two coats, because I thought it looked more delicate that way. I know it looks like I have tipwear or shrinkage in these pics, but I promise it looked great in real life. I didn't really have any visible nail line, but I wasn't worried about that in this case.

     I can't explain how much I love this polish. I already can't wait to wear it again. It's just so gosh darn pretty. The boyfriend and I went to breakfast this morning and our half awake server stopped mid-sentence to ask me about my nails and polish. When I told her that I do my nails myself, she asked me if I had my own nail shop. I took this as a major compliment. After she walked away, the BF started laughing and said that I could start my own shop, I certainly had enough nail polish! Gah. At least he didn't tell her my secret. Lol. For the record, the BF whole-heartedly approved of this shade. He even asked me a few questions about it, so I know he was honestly interested. ;)

     Pretty & Polished Tart has been brought back for a limited time and is available here for $9. Get it while you still can!



  1. Wow, that's one of the juiciest glitters I've ever seen. Perfect combination of colours. <3
    I've been eyeing Pretty & Polished for a while, but your posts have definitely sold me.

    Random nail compliments are awesome! They don't happen nearly as often as they should. :)

    1. Isn't it beautiful? It has to be one of my favourites. I would totally recommend Pretty & Polished. It seems like they have a little something for everyone. All the polishes I've ordered have been awesome, and I've never had to worry about slow shipping or shoddy packaging.

      I'm sure it's the same for you, but random compliments just make my day! I can be in the worst mood, but I can't help but smile when a stranger notices a little thing like my nail polish. :)