Monday, July 1, 2013

Contrary Polish - Better Together

     Lately, I've been wanting to wear grey nail polish. All the time. Here's the deal: I love any variation of black polish. Blue is my favourite colour, and I'm a fan of how the darker shades look on me. I feel the need to own all the blue/greens. (Oh my glob. So many teals/aquas/mints/et cetera.) Purple is my comfortable go-to. Grey, though... This infatuation is pretty new. Dark greys. Light greys. Cremes. Shimmers. Some glitter thrown in for good measure. I want to wear it every day. Maybe because it's neutral without being boring. Edgy, but not in-your-face. Maybe because I want to wear pastels during the winter and vampy colours in the summer. Grey seems like a perfect compromise colour. Anyway. Onwards...

     Today's grey is Contrary Polish Better Together, from the Spring 2013 Love Lyrics Collection. In the glitter-bombed indie world, Contrary Polish stands out for its shimmer. See for yourself.

     Better Together is a blue-leaning grey with turquoise shimmer. I wish I had some nice direct sunlight pics to show off the pretty shimmer, but I don't. I sleep in pretty late, and the daily round of afternoon thunderstorms has normally started by the time I pull out my camera. (Oh, Florida Summer weather... I'm already a bad blogger, and you just make it worse.) You can still see some shimmer in the pics I do have, though. Kinda glowy on the nail, and definitely there in the bottle. I feel like this is a very classy shade of grey, and I felt mellow and composed while wearing it.

     The formula of Better Together is good. It felt a little thicker than some of my other Contrary Polishes, but not bad thick. More like, nice and creamy thick, which made it easy to control. Application was easy, and I only needed two coats for opacity. Seche Vite helped bring out the shimmer. (Yes, I still haven't tried out a different top coat. I'm working on that.) This polish went through two days of abuse at work, with no chipping and only minor tipwear to report.
     Even if grey polish isn't your thing, I really recommend checking out Contrary Polish. Their formulas are excellent. The beautiful contrasting shimmer is a welcome change if you're like me and love sparkle, but hate removing glitter. I'm a fan of how some of the shades are more muted or dusty, and they have some gorgeous blues. Better Together is currently available from Llarowe for $11. You can catch a sneak peek of some about to be released new pretties on the Contrary Polish Facebook page.
     Finally, because I feel like I should...



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